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Pick UP at Cannes Market for Assam title BAGHJAN


Baghjan Cannes NEWs

BAGHJAN the newest project by assam director Jaichen Zxai Dohutia has just been boarded by Frankfurt based FundeMental Studios, where CEO and helmer Andreas Lucas will be acting as coproducer and will oversee the audio and postproduction work.
Christoph Thoke from Mogador Film has been brokering the deal and will be executive producing.

BAGHJAN is part of the offical Cannes selection of NFDC Film Bazaar that is showcasing a selection of 5 indian titles under the banner „Film Bazaar Goes to Cannes“.

Jaicheng Zxai is commenting: „Am so happy that we got selected by NFDC to represent the contemporary indian cinema at the Cannes Film Market and that due to this selection we could close a deal ro rapidly“.

Story is an ecological drama about a massive blast at an oil field and its devastating consequences for the local community.